What the parents say ..

"Montessori Children’s House is a truly special place. The trust and confidence in the [school] from all the parents is incredible, and this in turn creates such a close and engaged community. Each morning, all our children are welcomed so warmly and lovingly, by teachers and parents alike, setting them up brilliantly for the day ahead...

What the parents say ..

 ... And when Joe comes home each day he is buzzing with all he has learned and experienced.  I can see how much care the whole teaching team put into creating a calm and stimulating environment that inspires him to explore and learn; how committed they are as Montessori professionals to observing his interests and following his lead; how well they understand and believe in Joe, his uniqueness and his potential - and tailor how they prompt him to unlock this; how gently their nurture builds his own confidence and happiness.  Joe is thriving at MCH, as are all his little friends.  He and our whole family are lucky to have found them"

Emma Kissack

"The individual attention, love, and care that Sue and her teachers have provided our two boys over the past three years has been incredibly special. They have taken our children's learning and well-being very seriously, and have been incredibly supportive to us as parents as well! The school has a family-friendly, inclusive feeling, which creates a warm, collaborative relationship between parents and teachers. We have enjoyed being a part of many special events at school, and even some exciting field trips over the years!"

"The Montessori method instils a lifelong love of learning, a confidence in seeing challenges through to the end, and Sue and her team faithfully execute the Montessori method each moment of the day. Our oldest son fondly remembers his preschool years, and our youngest son continues to grow and thrive at Montessori Children's House currently. It is an absolute joy to pick him up at the end of every day and see him so engaged and excited about his learning. We are incredibly thankful for all of the care and energy that Sue and her teachers have put in to our two boys. They have laid the groundwork for our children's future learning and we are lucky to have found this absolute gem of a school."

Ashley Stanford

"I have had the privilege of both my children attending Montessori Children’s House for their preschool years (3-6). Both children left Montessori for primary school with amazing foundations in reading, writing and maths. Not only this, but the environment and opportunities that Montessori Children’s House provides to be creative, sporty and to explore nature and science has been instrumental in allowing my children to become well rounded and ready for the world. The facilities are fantastic and the teaching team and management are supportive, kind and caring. The children and I found it very difficult to leave when it came time for primary school."

Donna Sorsa

"Both our boys attended Montessori Children’s House and we couldn’t be happier with the care and quality of education they received. Sue, Mary and the team worked closely with us to meet the particular needs of our kids and it set them up perfectly for the next step in their schooling. As a family we often look back through the beautifully presented folders that the teachers prepared and added to while they were there and remember with great fondness an awesome few years. "

Nigel Scott

"My children have been very happy at Montessori Children’s House and have loved learning about countries of the world, Maori culture, recognising letters and learning to write, baking and making their own juice, participating in drama, music and sports opportunities and watching caterpillars hatch into butterflies. Montessori Children’s House is a lovely centre with a real family feel and I wholeheartedly recommend it to prospective parents. They have dedicated staff who believe in the Montessori philosophy and work hard to put it into practice. The teachers interact with the children calmly and with respect. The children are encouraged to be independent, in their daily routines (hanging up their bag, serving themselves morning tea, toileting etc) and in their work and learning. The environment is calm and orderly, there is no shouting or running inside and children are able to finish their task without someone else taking it away or unduly interrupting them. The teachers actively observe and nurture individual children's strengths and interests, including through creating or sourcing new teaching resources, and picking unit studies to reflect the passions and cultural backgrounds of the children. Toys, gadgets and screens aren't really seen, instead children are working with real-world materials: tools, sewing activities, solid wooden shapes, plants, jugs, brushes, spoons, sponges etc, the kinds of things adults use in their daily life without thinking twice, but which are a source of great pride for small people when they are mastered. Parents are welcome to be involved to share their own experiences and expertise, and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved with the end of year show, "Wellington on a Plate" international food festival and unit topics."

Abigail V

"Both our children go to Montessori Children's house now and we all love it there. The teachers always take their time to speak with us, are respectful and caring with the children and if there are any issues we find a solution together as a team. For us, this was settling in our second son which was a bit of a challenge at first. I love the environment, the climbing wall, quiet reading room and that the owners always look for new ideas on how to improve the place. My kids get challenged and are excited to go there in the morning. My older son recently started the 5 year old program which he loves and has basically a teacher all to himself. It's a great place with wonderful people. "

Johanna Reithoffer

"We always felt that a Montessori early childhood education would be the best and most natural fit for Gala. It is important to us for her to be in an environment and community that is nurturing and educational. Somewhere that respects her individuality and teaches her to be mindful. Montessori Childrens House in Miramar has exceeded our expectations. We’ve seen a huge leap in Gala’s development and confidence since she started in 2017 and we’re thankful that she has access to great resources and knowledge from teachers who are so passionate about the Montessori Method."

Jenn and Georgio


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